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Unpacking Services ...              $35/hr

Moving can be so exciting but at the same time overwhelming when you don't really have the time to get unpacked and situated quickly. Preparing for work, getting the kids back to school and finding your belongings can all be a bit challenging when you're surrounded by boxes. Concierge At Your Door is the perfect choice to get you through your next move. Your rooms will not only be unpacked but also organized and decorated using all the amazing finds we come across as we're unpacking. Imagine leaving for work to return to a completely unpacked, organized and even decorated kitchen? Schedule your One Hour Consultation for any upcoming or current moves and together we'll put a plan together so you can settle in quickly and enjoy your new home. 

  • Unpacking, Organizing & Decorating
  • Prioritizing Spaces
  • Storage Solutions
  • Donation Set Up
  • Moving Preparation Assistance

***Personal Shopping is available for any purchases that will make your move easier.