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Interior Decorating... $35/hr

Decorating is so much more than adding a piece of furniture or pillows to a room. It's about creating a space that's not only cozy and inviting but also reflects your style and personality. Choosing the perfect room layout, furniture pieces and wall colors are all part of the process that's completed by adding the finishing touches that will personalize the space just for you. Concierge At Your Door will help you create the before and afters you've been wanting and best of all keep it affordable by working with what's already in your home first and suggesting additional purchases afterwards. Whether you're looking to change an entire room or just need to tackle a blank wall, schedule your One Hour Consultation and let the decorating begin.

  • Room Layout / Furniture Placement
  • Paint Colors / Accent Walls
  • Rugs, Accessories, Artwork
  • Lighting
  • Personalizing the Space
  • Inviting Dinner Tables
  • Seasonal & Holiday Decorating
  • Event Decorating 

*** Personal Shopping is available to select the perfect additions for your space.

*** Event Planning is available for any parties you'd love to host in your new space.a

Room Layout


Personalize Space